We conduct high-profile investigations into fraud, corruption, and misconduct ranging from embezzlement and kickbacks to workplace harassment and conflicts of interest.

Quinlan Services Fraud, Corruption & Misconduct Investigations

On behalf of companies and organizations, we investigate allegations of fraud, corruption and misconduct, ranging from embezzlement and kickbacks to workplace harassment and conflicts of interest.

Members of our deeply-experienced team have been engaged to establish and manage an internal investigations unit for a leading global humanitarian organization and have led key aspects of a high-profile public corruption inquiry into an attorney general on behalf of a state legislature’s investigative committee.

We provide investigative support to law firms in internal investigations they may be leading, including research on individuals, entities, and events of interest, locating witnesses and assisting with interviews.

  • Fraud Investigations
    Our team’s investigative experience includes unraveling the background of an individual involved in a cryptocurrency fraud to find he was an escaped convict with multiple name changes, as well as reconstructing the financial transactions and activities of a non-profit organization and its president, leading to his guilty plea on embezzlement charges.
  • Corruption Investigations
    Our team has investigated bribery and kickback allegations for multinational corporations, international institutions, global humanitarian organizations, and governments. We specialize in digging into the activities and connections of people and companies, which has taken us from conference rooms in the U.S. and Switzerland to working in the field in remote and insecure environments in the Middle East, Latin America, Asia and Africa.
  • Misconduct Investigations
    We have extensive experience investigating allegations of workplace misconduct in the U.S. and countries around the world, including sexual and other harassment, abuse of power and retaliation, conflicts of interest, and misuse of assets, among others.