We deliver expert litigation support, evidence gathering, and investigative strategies to legal teams. Recognized by Chambers & Partners.

Quinlan Services Litigation Support & Corporate Disputes

We take a tailored and creative approach to information- and evidence-gathering in the context of anticipated or ongoing legal or corporate disputes.

Collaborating closely with counsel to understand their objectives - whether assessing the credibility of an opponent’s claims, vetting witnesses, identifying and tracing assets, or understanding connections among groups of actors - we develop custom investigative strategies geared toward those ends.

We bring to bear a deep understanding of the public record landscape and an expertise in conducting interviews with sensitive witnesses. This allows us to go straight to the source of the information most likely to be relevant to our clients, whether that source be a remote court archive, a disgruntled former employee, or an obscure online comment.

Whether the investigative strategy entails deep public record research, interviews with witnesses, or both, our team’s combined decades of experience in litigation support investigations and our adherence to the industry’s highest legal and ethical standards ensures the utility of the information we gather for clients, and its admissibility in court.

We assist counsel by investigating allegations of commercial fraud, misconduct and corruption; tracing assets in connection with forthcoming or existing judgments; bolstering legal defense against criminal charges and regulatory investigations; and gathering facts to be used in legal complaints and rebuttals. Our team has been recognized by Chambers & Partners as being among the industry leaders in the litigation support sector.

  • Civil Litigation Support
    We gather evidence in connection with anticipated or ongoing civil disputes, from the pre-filing stage to post-trial judgment enforcement. This includes background research on opponents and other related parties, as well as vetting expert witnesses, in order to identify patterns of relevant behavior, unknown ties among parties, and other issues that may impact credibility. We also assess opponents’ assets in advance of the issuance of judgments, or in connection with clients’ efforts to enforce them, and have experience identifying and interviewing witnesses likely to have been proximal to relevant events and in possession of information not documented on the public record. Where appropriate, our team supplies affidavits or testimony speaking to our investigative methods and findings.
  • White Collar Defense
    During or in anticipation of regulatory and criminal investigation and proceedings, we gather evidence to develop and support primary and alternative legal theories. We research third parties to identify undisclosed connections to relevant actors or events, gather background information to vet and assess the credibility of witnesses, conduct forensic reviews of internal documents, and identify and interview knowledgeable sources and witnesses when the public record comes to an end.
  • Asset Tracing
    We assist counsel and their clients in assessing the asset profiles of active and prospective litigation opponents; identifying soft and real property assets domestically and abroad against which judgments could be enforced; and mapping out the jurisdictions relevant to a subject that would be most favorable to seizure.
  • Proxy Contests & Activist Campaigns
    In the context of high-stakes boardroom fights and activist campaigns, we conduct research on behalf of corporations and investors to identify credibility issues in the backgrounds of their opponents, build evidence for investment hypotheses, and vet prospective and existing board candidates, sometimes working in tandem with our clients’ PR teams to manage public perception of the dispute.
  • International Arbitration
    We support clients and their legal counsel in disputes before a range of international arbitral bodies, by gathering publicly-documented intelligence and evidence around the world and by conducting interviews with sources and witnesses, and tracing and assessing the enforceability of assets across borders.